Simulate the real world


Established in 2010, REDMAN focuses on simulating the real world and creating artistic and exquisite 3D images. “Beyond” has always been the goal we pursue. We are committed to transcending our past works every day and expect REDMAN to become a synonym for immersive rendering in Asia.


We uses high speed GPU Rendering.



REDMAN serves international brands including DELL, ASUS, Qualcomm, Lenovo and many others with services such as product design, 3D modelling, photo realistic rendering and project management. These long-term copartnerships has made us part of our clients success in their business, and we are now looking to expand our expertise to serve more people. We believed these successful experiences will certainly create a win-win situation for both your company and REDMAN.


We have numerous material database.



In the traditional production process , prototyping and photo-shooting are two separated phases , where require a considerable amount of time and resources. We usually waste too much time on it and delay the production schedule.

3D rendering and modeling services can rapidly create a visual prototype, easily modify the details of their product and even see before how the product turns out.


We have rounded experiences from diverse projects



With the advanced 3D software nowadays , we can create anything true-to-life in the virtual world .

Not only producs can be stimulated, but also the scenes, such as shooting studio, warehouse or street view.

We are able to create stunning product images, which are combined with photorealistic images and suitable atmospheres to make your brand more professional and competitive.

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